Green Policy

Join us in our efforts to reduce waste, reduce our carbon footprint, and
provide our community and guests with a healthy environment.

The Greenporter Hotel is a proud member of the “Green” Hotels Association®. We take great pride in helping protect our planet and go to great lengths to ensure our business supports a sustainable environment.

The Greenporter Hotel’s Green initiatives in our 30 guestrooms and grounds include:

  • Smoke-free guestrooms
  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • Energy star appliances in rooms
  • Earth-friendly room amenities
  • House-blended organic cleaning products for floors, walls, surfaces and windows
  • 100% cotton linens with high thread count for a longer-lasting life
  • High Efficiency laundry equipment and use high efficiency laundry detergent
  • Re-purposing of old linens for cleaning
  • Recycling of printer paper, using both sides for use in office and restaurant menus
  • Use of recycled paper products: paper towels, toilet paper, tissues for property
  • Provision of extra amenities (toothbrush, razor, ear plugs, conditioner & shower caps) upon request only
  • Water and energy saving program asking guests to consider reusing towels during their stay
  • Painted walls that resist mold & mildew (rather than vinyl wall coverings)
  • Turn heat/ac off when guest is not occupying the room
  • Floor covering: Hardwood flooring in East Wing and laminate flooring and carpeting made from recycled materials in West Wing.
  • High-grade mattresses with duration of 8-10 years
  • No usage of Styrofoam
  • Manually pushed (not driven) lawn mower
  • Sweep sidewalks instead of hosing them with water
  • Biodegradable, disposable to-go containers
  • Donate our cooking oil for recycling
  • Cook with local and organic products
  • Cook with local vegetables & produce
  • Sell local wines and variety of sustainably grown international wines
  • Gas-burning fireplace in breakfast area
  • Thermostat-controlled dishwasher
  • Washable aprons and cloth napkins
  • Paper napkins offered for breakfast service
  • Grease traps in all waste pipes
  • Bake our own muffins and pastries to reduce waste and transportation costs of packaged products
  • Buy dry goods and non-perishables in bulk to save gas and reduce Carbon footprint
  • Use vacuum pots, rather than hot plates, to keep coffee & tea warm
  • Use leftover melted ice from kitchen for watering plants & landscape
  • Compost vegetable peels, coffee grounds and other organic materials for garden
  • Built, operate, and maintain a mini greenhouse made from recycled building materials to provide fresh herbs to customers for dishes and cocktails year round
  • Well water used for irrigation system for our gardens and lawn
  • In walking distance of Hampton Jitney, a green-certified mass transportation provider, which removes hundreds of vehicles from the road, greatly reducing carbon emissions.

Green Hotel Association

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