Cooking Classes

Chef’s Kitchen Tour with Chef Deborah Pittorino

Cooking class of 2.5 hours from 12:15pm to 3pm in the commercial kitchen of the Greenporter Hotel. Includes instruction, supplies, recipe notes and lunch (that you have prepared yourself) from 12:45pm to 2:45pm. Does not include alcoholic beverages, tax or gratuity.

Tickets are $75 per person
Advance ticket purchase of a 10-person block may be made in advance through our website.


Class Menu #1
Roasted Chicken Three Ways
Learn to make a rotisserie chicken and to build a menu around it that you can eat for three meals.

#1 Recipe for roast chicken stock, learn to freeze in small portions and use for soups and/or sauces
#2 Recipe for a seasonal soup (with chicken stock from rotisserie chicken as a base). We will make a creamy bisque with seasonal vegetable of choice for the appetizer.

Main Course
Marinated chicken skewers with spicy green salsa or a pesto sauce.
Saffron rice with vegetables (learn and/or review to use a rice Cooker)

Simple dessert of wine-poached seasonal fruit with fresh whipped cream.

Class Menu #2
Mediterranean Tour
#1 Learn to make a seasonal salad and your own dressing using extra virgin olive oil, mustard, herbs and apple cider vinegar, balsamic or lemon (choose one).
#2 Gnocchi or risotto with seasonal accompaniments like asparagus, radicchio, peas, or other seasonal vegetables.

For dessert learn to make a Panna Cotta or Zabaglione with seasonal fruit.


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