Front Desk Manager

Job Description
Front Desk Manager

 Join an innovative lifestyle team at Long Island’s only Green Certified Hotel.  Participate in rotational program and in the day to day management of reservations, guest services, direct marketing and group and corporate event planning.  Liaise with Senior Management including Head of Operations to ensure that all guests experience a stay that is enjoyable and meaningful. Responsibilities of the hotel management include guest relations, working with Head of Operations and Front desk team on quality control through guestroom and sites inspection, inventory management of rooms and of environmentally friendly products, in addition to daily coordination with front desk team and general management.

1. Manage operation of the Front desk including Cashier. Ensure that policies and procedures are complied with the highest standard of service and guest satisfaction.

2. Manage and be the “company expert” for Property Management System, RoomMaster and and take action to review room availability status, room blockage and special requests on a daily basis through working closely with all front desk staff.

3. Be key revenue management officer.  Manage RevPar, monitor open and close on day status to maximize room revenue and demonstrate the concept of yield management.

4. Ensure that budget and cost effectiveness at the Front Desk are achieved.

5. Work with Housekeeping and Property Maintenance on daily operations in regards to guestroom status.

6. Handle guest complaints and review compliments.

7. Review Front Desk Logbook daily to monitor all activities.

8. Review all VIP room blocking.

9. Supervise and train all Front Desk staff to ensure that the best guest experience is provided.

10. Review and improve Front Office policies and procedures and special rates & programs.

11. Participate in morning briefing and/or organize afternoon hand-over briefing daily and disseminate information to Reception team as soon as possible.

12. Greet guests as time permits at lobby and assist with handling inquiries (phone, email or in person) during busy period.

13. Chair monthly Reception meeting to review performance & discuss existing problems for improvement.

14. Approve duty roster prepared by Assistant Front Desk Manager and revise if necessary.

15. Always conduct your job with concern for the environment and its resources. Where practical and possible, REDUCE use of items, RE-USE whenever possible, and RECYCLE those items that can be. Perform all duties, other than the above as requested by the hotel policies and/or his/her direct supervisor.

 Educational Requirements:
B.A. or B.S. in Hospitality Management, Business Administration and/or three years of experience in the hotel industry with command of above referenced areas plus degree in any subject matter. 

Full time. Weekends and holidays a must.  

Salary commensurate with experience.
If hired as a permanent employee, will be eligible for benefits including subsidized healthcare coverage, 401k, paid vacation days and other benefits.


Instructions to apply
Resume and references required.
Send to:

Contact Information
or mail resume to:
William Pittorino
The Greenporter Hotel
326 Front Street
Greenport, NY 11944
Phone: (631) 477-0066

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